Google Announces Android 4.3

In Google Android’s breakfast event earlier today, the company announced Android 4.3, an update to their operating system.

A new feature is restricted profiles, which let users limit which user can access which app. You can also sync your Android device with low-tech gadgets like a FitBit.

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The Android 4.3 update also will feature be the first Android tablet that can stream 1080p videos. Google worked with Netflix so that the Android tablet with Android 4.3 can stream 1080p.

android 4.3 features

The OS update will feature Open GL:ES 3.0, which should make graphics look even better. It’ll increase details on the screen and quickly render 1080p resolution.

But other than that, there isn’t much in this update. It seems this is an update to fix almost all of the problems with Android 4.0 before the company moves forward with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

This event is happening now, so stay tuned.

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