RUMOR: Apple Tests HUGE Screens for iPhone & iPad

Apple may be experimenting with bigger screens for the next version of the iPhone and iPad.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. Apple May Be Testing A 13-Inch Tablet Screen


The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple and its suppliers were working on this much larger display. The Journal wrote that these sources claimed the Cupertino, California-based company wanted a 13-inch screen for the line of tablets along with a prototype much larger than 4 inches for its new line of smartphones. While Apple has declined to comment, this dovetails with a report from a few months earlier. At D11, Tim Cook neither confirmed nor denied that the company was exploring larger screen options.

2.The Size Specs Are A Drastic Jump


Apple does these tests regularly but rarely would bring these products to market. Fans shouldn’t get their hopes up, but the speculation around this is kind of confusing. According to WSJ, this is a drastic jump in size. The current iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen while the iPad has a 9.7-inch screen. The article notes that South Korean electronics giant Samsung adopted a similar strategy. Their product line contains a wide variety of screen sizes targeted to meet customer needs.

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3. The Trend Will Tilt Toward Smaller Not Bigger Screens


At least for tablets, trend has been more about smaller screens instead of larger displays. The iPad Mini has been another product under intense scrutiny, which is why the company may not want to stray away from a winning formula. Phones will probably be the devices that could embrace the bigger size. Rumors surrounding the new phones have been circulating all year, but a comment from Apple is needed to confirm this.

4. iPad Production Begins This Month


Production for the new tablet is starting at the end of the month. The new tablet is rumored to have a lighter and thinner display structure. Another feature could be a touch sensor inside a thin film. These materials are found in current versions so this is another indicator this rumor may be nothing more than a simple test at the various factories.

5. These Sources Are Rarely Reliable


This ridiculous rumor can be put to rest. Slightly more absurd than the others, these supply chain sources never turn out to be really reliable. They’ve told the press some outrageous things in order to draw attention to the items they are making. Unfortunately, this won’t stop. Apple is such a beloved company so there will always be theories occasionally surfacing about a new device. The company deserves some credit for trying something different. It’s important that they incorporate new designs, but sticking with the same winning formula should do well. Staring at a huge screen while reading or browsing the web doesn’t sound like the ideal tablet experience.