Google Announces Streaming Service Chromecast


Google ChromeCast was just announced and it has the potential to completely change the way you interact with your television. The purpose of the ChromeCast is to “unite your video experiences” across all platforms, your computer, phone, tablet, etc.


The ChromeCast can easily send video from your phone, with apps like YouTube and Netflix, and send it over to your TV using a small, USB, dongle. With a “zero setup time,” ChromeCast works seamlessly with both your iOS and Android devices. You can also send content from your Chrome browser to your TV as well.


The device is available for purchase later today. Orders are beginning this afternoon. Best Buy Stores will have this available as early as July 28th. Netflix provides three free months of streaming when purchasing Chromecast.

In essence, ChromeCast will make it easier for you watch your content on your TV as opposed to suffering through tiny screens on your phone, tablet, or computer. Amazingly, it manages to do so without any wires, any cables, or any setup. And it only costs $35.

Check it out at the Google Play store here.

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