Top 10 Best Android App Updates for July 2013

Here are the 10 best Android app updates for July 2013.

1. Opera

top android app updates opera

With the newest Opera update users can now expect a faster performance and quick startup time. Opera mobile browser will now be powered by the Chromium 28 engine. Users can download video files and play them directly in the browser, set location for downloaded files, and open files in the browsers with an external SD card. There’s a new “open in a private tab.” You can download Opera from the Google Play Store here.

2. Tumblr

top android app update tumblr

Tumblr launched a fresh new look for its Android app making it version 3.4.0. The navigation has a launcher button that pops out different options for users. The app search tab includes trending hashtags and blogs that show what’s popular across the network at anytime. Look for blogs and tags directly from the search tab, and follow recommended blogs for any tag you search. Minor bugs and Facebook integration has been fixed. You can download Tumblr from the Google Play Store here.

3. Google Maps

top android app updates google maps

The new version of Google Maps for Android was previewed back at I/O in May. The new updates rolled out earlier this week, bringing a new interface and a handful of new features. A series of cards will be displayed so that users can browse places without typing. Select categories like eat, drink, shop, play, or sleep. Discover nearby places and business friends have gone to and see how they rated the business. While on the road, users will receive alerts if a better route becomes available and will be rerouted to their destination faster. You can download Google Maps from the Google Play Store here.

4. Skype

Skype has launched a redesigned application where users can expect to have a more enjoyable experience. It will be easier to sign out of Skype by hitting the main menu on recent, favorites, people, and profile navigation screens. If you had version 3.2. before upgrading to version 4.0, you can now go online to make and receive calls, even if status is set offline. Video has been enabled and dialog translations for Russian, Brazilian, Portuguese and Chinese have been improved. You can download Skype from the Google Play Store here.

5. Facebook

top android app updates facebook

Facebook released a new update for its Android app that gives users access to folders on its Home launcher, which was one of the most requested features. Other updates include being able to store the app on your phone’s SD memory card with Android 2.3.7 or lower. Swipe on the screen to open chats and bookmarks, and share News Feed stories inside a private message. You can download Facebook from the Google Play Store here.

6. Libon

Libon is an app that lets users make free unlimited calls and send instant messages.
Make free calls and send instant messages with your Libon contacts. Create customized greetings The app also has a speech-to-text feature that allows users to read voicemail. Calls, SMS, voice mails, and calls can be found on the same screen. Officially launched in Europe, Libon is now available for the US Android users. The latest update with Libon resolves issues with battery life. You can download Libon from the Google Play Store here.

7. Minus

top android app updates

Meet new friends from around the world using Minus. Swipe the map and scroll through member profiles. Come across someone who sparks your interest? Send a message and say hello! Take and share photos with new friends and make conversations fun by using the large selection of free emoticons. Want to set up a time to meet? Share your location. With the new updates made to Minus, users can expect a beautiful new design, and an Airplane flight feature was added in Explore. Simply tap on the airplane icon and fly to a random city anywhere in the world in order to chat with users online. You can download Minus from the Google Play Store here.

8. The Guardian

top android app updates the guardian

The Guardian newspaper rolled out a new Android App to the Google Play Store with some new features. Users can now use new swipe gestures, save articles for offline reading, and the action bar has a new bookmark icon. The new swipe gestures will help readers move quickly between articles. You can download The Guardian from the Google Play Store here.

9. Glympse

Glympse is a social network developed by Share Your Where. Users can share their location with friends in real-time, even if they aren’t signed up. Recipients will receive links with your location in real-time and your ETA. Users can send a Glympse via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email and can use it on any device thats web-enabled. The new update with Glympse brings in support from Evernote, letting users save locations to the note-taking app. Create Glympse Groups and you can send your location to a large group at once. You can download Glympse from the Google Play Store here.

10. Rappler

top android app updates rappler

Rappler is a new social news network developed by Rappler Inc. Rappler combines journalism with crowdsourcing. Users can read stories, watch videos, share stories with your community, and submit stories and photos. The new update fixed Facebook and Twitter sharing and improved app stability. You can download Rappler from the Google Play Store here.