Apple Acquires — New Addition to the Apple TV?


This message was left on the site after it shut down. (Apple Insider), an iOS app that gave users an in-depth guide to what was playing on a variety of platforms, has been acquired by Apple for a price ranging between $1 and $1.5 million, according to Venturebeat.

The app launched in March 2012 to become a guide to all digital streaming services including iTunes, Netflix and Hulu. For unknown reasons, it shut down and was removed from App Store in May 2013. A more surprising detail of this sudden closure was that the service had steadily built an impressive fan base.

Apple continues its buying spree this year with, but the company isn’t obligated to acknowledge why they bought it. Other purchases include Passif, which may be the driving force behind the rumored iWatch, along with Hopstop to boost the company’s map capabilities.


The TV has a large amount of streaming channels. The app could essentially become a digital TV Guide. (Apple)

This deal will spark up rumors again about Apple TV. It’s no secret CEO Tim Cook is interested in enhancing his version of the smart TV. Apple TV has added HBO GO and ESPN streaming channels, which could incorporate perfectly. Viewers could harness that app to help pinpoint specific programs to watch. As other tech titans seek to control this market, Apple arming itself with this program could help fulfill the promise of revolutionizing TV.

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