RUMOR: Apple Applies iPad Mini’s Touch Technology to iPad 5

Citing sources in Apple’s supply chain, The Wall Street Journal reveals that the company is testing out the touch panel technology found in the iPad Mini for the rumored iPad 5.

Currently in production, the tablet would have a film-based solution instead of glass-based in order to capitalize on specific advantages that this technology contains.


This explains the process of applying the film-based panel emphasizing its cost-effective benefits (9to5Mac)

The differences between the two screens have become more pronounced over the past few years. A film-based screen recognizes user gestures, according to Gizmodo. Due to the lighter weight and thickness, it would make sense for Apple to incorporate it into the newest iPad since the technology is already encased in its other products.

Another possible explanation for this has to do with the success of the iPad Mini. At first, the smaller tablet had a lukewarm public reaction but became a giant sales achievement thanks to its easy accessibility. The size and shape were the most buzzed about features and could provide more motivation on why the company wants to slim down the iPad 5.


This compact computer is another curiosity since a second mini may be released this year. (Getty)

Details are still vague on when the actual release of the iPad will occur. Possible design schemes have leaked out like the appearance of aluminum shells. For this specific rumor, glass panels and various parts of the iPad’s assembly along with the video seen below could give this speculation more credit. This information gives some credit to this speculation but Apple appears to want to focus on their latest iPhone first.