WATCH: New iPhone 5C Plastic Case Subjected To Scratch Tests

Obtained via iPhone Hacks, they discovered a new video from Taiwan Apple Daily showing scratch tests on the ‘iPhone 5C.’ The neon blue rear plastic case withstands a tremendous amount of abuse. The tests ranged from shaking a bag full of coins vigorously with the iPhone 5c inside to directly trying to mark the case with a pair of keys.

The video’s resolution is occasionally blurry but viewers can see that the phone is highly resistant to some common sources of damage. CNET explains that the testers should have tried discovering its durability threshold in the event of a steep drop. This is a common practice when preparing a new device for a big product launch.

The phone gained an 8H rating which is the second best level of hardness on the pencil rating. Although it still isn’t clear if this is a valid test. Apple Insider discussed several inconsistencies about the video. The shell lacks the notable markings below the ‘iPhone’ name meaning this could be a well made fake. If its not, then the iPhone 5c could become pretty popular for accident prone customers when it goes on store shelves.