New iPad Display Photos Leak, Proving Thinner Bezel Theories

Along with the rumored iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C, the next version of Apple’s iPad is another product that has sparked intense debates among the tech community. “Will it have a retina display?” or “Which will come first, the iPad mini or full sized version?” are just some of the topics tossed around as possible fall release dates creep closer. Apple fans practically salivate every time a morsel of information regarding these gadgets surface.

Repair shop MacFixIt Australia may have just added more fuel to the fire. The company listed a digitizer and front panel assembly as an “authentic” iPad 5 display.


This could be the digitizer component for the new iPad (9 To 5 Mac)

The site claimed that its supplier provided the following details to support its real:

– The display area is the same as the iPad Retina.

• The edges of the frame are narrower using the same style as the iPad mini.

• The ITO (Indium tin oxide) is the same as the iPad mini.

• There is now 2 connectors instead of 1.

• The connectors have been changed from FFC (Flat Flexible Cable, like the iPad 2/3/4) to FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits, like the iPhone 4/5).

Whenever these photos leak or productions rumors appear, it’s tough to take them seriously. Despite that, Macrumors who is a trusted source of information regarding all things Apple indicated that one element could verify this. They noticed on the front panel “821-1892-02” which is a code found on other Apple devices.


This could be the flex cable too. (Apple Insider).

Also, the designs link to a video from earlier this week showing pictures of possible early sketches of this item. The most persistent element of these rumors is that this specific version of the tablet will have a thinner bezel. These images indicate that could be true based on how small the frames appear to be.

The company is possibly going to release the fifth generation tablet in early September with the chance of second miniature tablet to follow.