Samsung to Unveil Galaxy Note 3 Phablet on September 4

Samsung announced that they would be unveiling the Galaxy Note 3 on September 4 in advance of the IFA technology conference. On the invitations sent to the press, the tagline “Note The Date” provided a big clue as to what they would reveal. Titled as “Samsung Unpacked 2013,” the press conference is planned on being streamed simultaneously.

Having another Galaxy phablet presented at the conference is essentially history repeating itself. The phone was the focus of the invitation, but a rumored smart-watch may be in the pipeline too.

This particular Samsung Galaxy phone is expected to have features ranging from a 5.7-inch display to a 2.3 Snapdragon GHZ processor. Other aspects could include Android 4.3 compatibility and 3GB of RAM. Another idea circulating the rumor mill is that Samsung may present a refreshed version of the Galaxy 10.1. Regardless, the electronics empire will have to impress the visiting crowds in order to overshadow Apple’s imminent fall releases.

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