WATCH: Bittorrent Partners With Madonna To Release Her New Film

Madonna has announced a new project called “Art For Freedom” which was developed through a partnership between BitTorrent and media company Vice. Called “secretprojectrevolution”, this 17-minute film was co-directed with Steven Klein will be released on BitTorrent on September 24th.

The project is focused on raising awareness for violations on free speech and will be streamed exclusively on the open source technology in a bid for BitTorrent to establish more legitimacy. The movie will be packaged in a gated file format guaranteed to have users pay for the content.

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The popular file-sharing source has teamed up with other artists before in order to build a better relationship with the entertainment industry. The tone of the film is focused on the democratic nature of technology and BiTorrent hopes it can prove that its 170 million users would be willing to pay for specific kinds of content. When the film arrives next week, viewers will be able to access new material possibly consider BiTorrent a reputable hub for entertaining movies and TV.

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