How To Download iOS 7 Beta GM For Your iPod Touch

The iOS 7 Beta GM for developers and Apple enthusiasts after announcing the iPhone 5s & iPhone 5C on Tuesday. Since we won’t get an iOS 7 Beta 7, this will be the last test project before the public download of iOS 7 gold master next week. To try out the final OS before then, here’s how you can download iOS 7 for your iPod Touch.

Note: This download can only work for the FIFTH GENERATION of the iPod.

Please remember to always back up your device before you restore or install ANY version of iOS on any device. There is a chance you can destroy your iPod if this isn’t done correctly which would make next weeks big release useless.

One of the perks of having iOS 7 is the new iTunes Radio feature. Essentially, this is Apple’s own Pandora. Downloading the iOS 7 Beta GM early for the iPod instead of the iPhone could be a better idea since some corrupted torrents could ravage your smartphones memory.

1. Download the IPSW File

ios 7 gif

There are essentially two different ways you can download the iOS 7 IPSW file earlier than the public release: buy a developers license through Apple for $99 per year which could come in handy for next year’s new Apple items, or go to your favorite torrent site and see if there is a copy there.

It’s important to note that downloading torrent files may be considered illegal depending on where you live so we won’t be publishing direct links so please don’t ask!

Comments sections on any of these files will be your best guide if you consider downloading the file. The bugs associated with some of these files will brick your iPod for good. Referring to friends or family who may be more familiar with the process can be a big help too. Then, download the torrent and make sure it’s an .ipsw file (otherwise it won’t work).

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2. Install the File

ios 7 gif

It’s a pretty easy process to set up your iPod or to run iOS 7. You have to connect your iPod to your computer and open up iTunes, where you should see a button that says “Check For Updates.” Hold “Option” and click on Check for Updates (if you’re using Windows, it’s shift+click). Find the IPSW file, double click and the process should start automatically.

And that’s it! I want to know about any bugs or glitches that you may have before next week so send me an email at or leave a comment!