Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Microsoft will unveil the Surface 2 tablet at 1030am EST on Monday September 23rd.

Here are five fast facts you need to know about the Surface 2.

1. The Surface 2 Will Run On Windows RT 8.1

To stay competitive, Microsoft will be shipping two tablets for the holiday season. The Surface 2 tablet will be a continuation of the Surface RT according to ZDNET. Surface 2 will run on ARM since the company said its committed to ARM-based devices. This means the operating system for this particular gadget will be Windows RT 8.1.

2. Internal Components May Include A Tegra 4 Processor


The first Surface tablet was introduced last summer in Los Angeles (Getty)

The new tablet will resemble its predecessor on the outside, the internal core could be completely revamped according to Components may consist of a Tegra 4 CPU and the possibility of 4GB of RAM. The writer, Brad Sams, considers this a modest upgrade and ensures that it will keep the variant of Windows 8.1 running smoothly.

3. The Battery Life Will Be A Huge Improvement


The tablets were notorious for barely being able to hold a strong battery charge. (Getty)

The previous Surface RT held a terrible charge so Microsoft may have created a new accessory designed to address this concern. A rumored “Power Cover” could come equipped with these tablets. Essentially, this piece of machinery would be a combination of the attachable keyboard and a built-in battery pack. This should give this gear an estimated eight hours worth of battery power. The exact measurements of the covers could be .38 inches thick which is .17 inches more than today’s covers.

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4. The Release Date May Be October 22nd


The first Surface tablet was released on October 26th after Steve Ballmer held a press conference in L.A. announcing them last summer. (Getty)

Its unknown if Microsoft will be taking pre-orders but the release date is believed to be October 22nd. Windows 8.1 will available for purchase October 18th so it would work well if both tablets were in stores after the premiere of their operating system. CNET gathered this information from one of their sources at the company but they acknowledged they were lucky in getting this news from ONE SOURCE.

5. These Two Tablets Could Be Part of Microsoft’s New Strategy


Microsoft’s legacy is at stake as Steve Ballmer prepares to leave. (Getty)

It’s no secret that the Surface tablets were a colossal failure. The iPad remains the dominant item but Microsoft has divulged that they are rebuilding themselves as a consumer products and services firm. These Surface tablets need to come out strong and impress the audience at this invitation-only event. With these rumored specs and features, the company could stand a chance since they seem to address most of the major concerns the first generation devices induced. We’ll provide you with all the new information we get on Monday.

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