Top 10 Android Games of September 2013

Looking for some new games to play on your Android device? Here are our Top 10 Android games of September. Hopefully you will discover some free games that you’ve missed or haven’t played before.

1. Angry Birds

Red's Mighty Feathers – Angry Birds update with new gameplayAll-new gameplay in Angry Birds! Get the update now: Now you may be an expert pig popper, but how will you cope with 15 levels of moving targets? In this new update Red defends the eggs against wave after wave of Bad Piggies advancing in their 72 crazy contraptions. But wait! Red has some…2013-07-03T06:40:48.000Z

Angry Birds is a fun and addictive puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment. The wildly popular game is based on destruction and revenge. Help the birds get revenge at the pigs for stealing their eggs. Kids can tap their finger on the screen to launch birds out of a big slingshot to make structures collapse so the pigs inside get destroyed. Kids will fall in love with the cartoony graphics. You can download Angry Birds from the Google Play Store here.

2. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft – Pocket Edition TrailerYour thumbs have a new meaning! Grab it now on Android Market Thanks again to the awesome guys at Hat Film for making this video! Hat Films YouTube channel: Hat Films music on bandcamp, including music for Minecraft trailers:

Similar to Minecraft, the Pocket Edition allows players to drop into a landscape made of different cubes. Players “move” these cubes, which can be used to “craft” buildings and items. Pocket Edition comes with two different modes: creative and survival. During creative mode, players can fly around minecraft’s world and build with materials. In survival mode, players can build above the ground (stacking blocks to make castles). At night time, monsters will appear and will attack players as well as their creations. Players can jump in and out of other players’ world’s. You can purchase Minecraft Pocket Edition from the Google Play Store here.

3. Candy Crush SAGA

VideoVideo related to top 10 android games of september 20132013-09-10T19:21:24-04:00

Similar to Bejeweled, Candy Crush SAGA gives you different types of candies and asks you to match them in order to clear them and score points. All you need to do is swipe your fingers across the candies to swap them. If you match four or more, you will gain more points. To do well in Candy Crush SAGA, set yourself up to get large matches and chances to gain big points! Candy Crush SAGA integrates with Facebook so you can keep track of high scores and so you can challenge your friends. The latest update of Candy Crush SAGA includes new episodes of Savory Shores, Munchy Monolith and new Chamelon Candy. You can download Candy Crush SAGA from the Google Play Store here.

4. CSR Racing

CSR Racing: 2012 Launch Trailer – AndroidDownload CSR Racing for your Android tablet or phone now for FREE! Race your dream car in the ultimate test: a drag race along deserted city streets. CSR Racing combines stunning, high-fidelity graphics with addictive gameplay and stunning multiplayer head-to-head competition to create a new type of racing experience. Song: Fade Away Artist: Kritikal…2013-04-15T15:42:29.000Z

CSR Racing is a game all about drag racing. The key to winning the races is starting on the right rev, and upshift at the right time. During the race itself, there is a blur effect as you go faster, which gives a real sense of speed. It also adds excitement when you get closer to your enemy. The game has different tiers; each tier has a racing group you will need to defeat. To beat them, you’ll need a fast car. This game has three different modes so you can gain money to upgrade to a new car. If you’re into drag racing, CSR Racing is the perfect game. You can download CSR Racing from the Google Play Store here.

5. Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing for Android, iPhone and iPadDownload now!! Google Play: Apple: Experience the fun physics game play and unique set of different vehicles and levels.2013-05-04T21:04:26.000Z

Players will play as Newton Bill, an aspiring uphill racer. Help Newton Bill on his journey and make sure he conquers the highest hills up on the moon. Players must drive through bumpy landscapes without flipping over. Gain bonuses from doing tricks and collect coins to upgrade parts to your car including the engine, suspension, tires and 4WD. You can download Hill Climb Racing from the Google Play Store here.

6. Angry Gran Run

angry gran run android

Angry Gran Run is a racing game developed by Ace Viral. Granny has been locked away in the Angry Asylum, so players need to guide her through the streets once she finds a way out. Run, jump, and slide through crazy obstacles in this endless running game. Change Granny’s look by buying new costumes from wonder gram, zombie gran to 70’s hippy gran. Players can upgrade different power-ups like invincible shields and bullet-time. You can download Angry Gran Run from the Google Play Store here.

7. Scramble With Friends

Word Streak / Scramble With Friends – Get it on Google PlayScramble with Friends is now WORD STREAK, the fast, fun word-finding game everyone's playing! It's the fast, fun game of finding words in a jumbled grid. Quickly slide your finger over adjacent letters to form words forwards, backwards, sideways…any way you can! Download now:

Scramble With Friends is one of the hottest word games developed by Zynga. Similar to Words With Friends, players will need to find words in a jumbled grid. Slide your finger over letters to form words backwards, forwards, or sideways. Challenge your friends in 3, two minute rounds. Use power-ups to freeze time, the player with the highest score wins! Play against your Friends on Facebook, or be paired up with a random opponent across the world. You can download Scramble With Friends from the Google Play Store here.

8. Jewels Star

jewels star android

Jewels Star is a diamond-matching game created by Caogia Mobile Ltd. In this fun and addicting game, players need to connect three or more matching jewels in order to clear the board. Use special jewels to clear an entire color off the board. Get extra bonuses and you can receive an extra life. With over 200 levels, players won’t get bored. You can download Jewels Star from the Google Play Store here.

9. Bridge Constructor

bridge constructor android

Bridge Constructor is a puzzle game created by Headup Games. In Bridge Constructor, players become an accomplished bridge builder without any formal training. Challenge yourself to 30 different levels, and build bridges over deep valleys, canals, or rivers. Choose materials for each individual bridge, such as wood, steel, cables, or concrete pilars. Try and stay within your budget to build the perfect bridge. See if your bridge can withstand the daily stress of continual use from trucks and cars. Getting trucks across your bridge will gain you extra points. You can download Bridge Constructor from the Google Play Store here.

10. Coin Dozer

coin dozer android

Coin Dozer is an addictive arcade game. The goal of Coin Dozer is to push as many coins as you can forward into a slot at the center of the cabinet. When coins fall down the slot, it triggers a slot of machine reels. If you go to the fair just to win a pair of wind-up chattering teeth by feeding $20 info a coin-pushing machine, Coin Dozer will be highly entertaining. You can download Coin Dozer from the Google Play Store here.

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