Aereo App For Android: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Aereo, the controversial streaming service, has created a beta Android app for the Google Play Store. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. The App Has Arrived After Months of Rumors


The Android app for Aereo has arrived! (Google Play Store)

Speculation has swirled for months that Aereo would be incorporating their services into an app for months now but it has finally appeared in the Google Play Store. However, this official program is only in beta. The unconventional cable provider may still be working out a few bugs that can affect user experience. Despite that, the company may have struck another blow against the broadcast networks by extending their reach.

2.The Service For The App Remains The Same


The app works like most streaming apps but it sends live TV content to your device. (Aereo)

Not much has changed in this respect. The program will stream directly to headsets AND tablets running on at least Android 4.2. Aereo has access to shows on most of the main channels which viewers can watch from anywhere at anytime. Other features it has is that the app can store up to 20 shows to watch at any time while the beta can morph your Android device into a remote control. Plus, the download is totally free!

3. The Aereo App Works In Select Markets


The highlighted cities are where the service works while the lighter markers are where Aereo wants to expand. (Aereo)

There is a catch with this app. Due to some legal issues, Aereo is slowly rolling out its services in select cities with a target goal of 22 cities by the end of 2013. The firm recently added Detroit but the app can only work in the selected cities which include Chicago, Boston and many more.

4.iOS Version Likely In The Future


These are the tablets, browsers and phones Aereo is compatible with. An iOS version may be possible in the future. (Aereo)

If this app is successful, the iOS equivalent won’t be far behind. Streaming apps are immensely popular and Aereo has courted an equal amount of controversy and praise. The beta will attract a wide audience but it will still have to remove some errors. Backed by Barry Diller, the expansion plan will probably increase in speed.

5. Will It Get Taken Down?


Aereo CEO Chet Kanoji (far left) has dealt with enough lawsuits. (Getty)

Aereo can’t be stopped. The service will keep appearing in new cities and the apps make the most sense for them to keep harnessing an audience. The likelihood it gets taken down is very low especially since its free. Also, the popularity of the streaming apps is incredible so this will become quite popular quickly. Are you interested? You can download the app here.

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