Amazon Smile:’s New Charitable Website now has a new website that allows users to pick a charity and donate .5% of every purchase to it.

It’s simple enough to access, though it does not appear at present that Amazon is promoting it on their home page. If you wish to visit the site, simply go to

After going to the domain, you will be presented with the option of selecting a charity. You can pick from a few presents like American Red Cross,, and charity: water.

using smiles

Further, you can search for a charity using the search bar below the preset charities. Surprisingly, there are many charities available to donate to. To experiment, I inputted my small hometown and found many results:

amazon smiles

Finally, after selecting your charity, you will receive a notification from Amazon.


While some items are not included in the program, it appears many if not most are. You can see if an item is eligible by looking below its price on the item page.


If you have any more questions, see the FAQ here.