Apple Announces The iPad Air : 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed the new iPad Air. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. The New iPad Air Will Look The Same As The iPad Mini


The iPad Air is the replacement for the iPad 5. (Getty)

Apple is trying something new with their next set of tablets. The new iPad Air diverges from their traditional naming scheme similar to how the iPhone 5c started a new trend. The Air will be the thinnest and lightest iPad ever made. Clocking in at 20% thinner, it will weigh in at just one pound. This is the most significant alteration since the iPad in March 2011.

2. The iPad Air Is Similar To The iPhone 5s


Apple has condensed the popular smartphone into tablet form. (Getty)

The device has all the same features that Apple’s flagship smartphone has including the A7 processor. There won’t be a gold option to choose from but the tablet will have impressive battery life being able to support 10 hours of battery life. The M7 coprocessor will accompany the A7 enabling impressive processing speed but unfortunately there won’t be a Touch ID fingerprint sensor to use.

3. The Camera Has Finally Been Upgraded


The camera has been poorly received since its inception. (Getty)

This feature has been the weakest point of iPads. The company finally decided to pay attention to the system and fixed it. The 5 megapixel iSight camera with 1080p Facetime provides the cleanest camera you’ll see for the new iPads.

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4. It Will Replace The iPad 4


The pricing of the new iPads is similar to how they split the new iPhones. (Getty)

Once the tablet reaches stores, it will consume the iPad 4 and customers won’t be able to get access to this device. The price will be $499.

5. The Release Date Is November 1st


The thinner iPad will arrive in stores in a few weeks. (Getty)

The iPad Air will invade the U.S. & China on November 1st. Delays could affect production but consumers can get their hands on a new pad quickly.