‘Brabble’ New York Comic Con: The Only App You Need To Know


Brabble was on display as one of the companies during New York Comic Con’s The Block exhibits (Brabble)

New York Comic Con isn’t entirely devoted to TV shows and comic books news. The conference left a section of the Jacob Javitz center open for a segment called The Block. This exhibition was held over all four days and hosted a number of tech & comic book companies who were showing off their services. One of the intriguing tables was a company called Brabble.

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The app is a new social sharing platform that is very basic and easy to use. Once you download the program, create a profile and share ANYTHING you want with other users. Audio files, text messages, videos and more are all apart of the services you can send out. These messages are known as “brabbles“. If another user receives one of these four formats, they can choose whether or not they want to “brabbleback“.

Although there is a glut of social sharing platforms like this, Brabble has alot of potential to grow. Fortunately, it has established its identity early and having the ability to share these four formats is a nice touch. The graphics look sharp and I didn’t find too many bugs. It’s worth checking out. You can download the iOS app here and the android app here.

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