Google Smartwatch Rumors: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Google has acknowledged their mysterious smartwatch will be enter production within the next few months. Here are five fast facts you need to know about the mysterious device.

1. The Watch Is in The Final Stages of Development

A Wall Street Journal report claims that Google execs are currently negotiating with Asia suppliers since the device is in the final stages of development. The release date will be in 2014 since wearable tech is becoming the new craze. Plus, Apple has expressed interest in creating their rumored “iWatch” so it would make sense for Google to ramp up production.

2. Google Now Will Become The Communication Hub


Google Now could become the equivalent of Siri for the new watch. (Google Now)

Google Now will essentially serve as the smartwatch’s own version of Siri. According to WSJ’s sources, this would provide the user with notifications like weather alerts and traffic updates while powered by the Android OS. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the gadget could communicate with related items like a Nexus phone or tablet.

3. Battery Life Is A Main Concern

One of the biggest complaints regarding the Galaxy Gear was that it held a terrible charge. This malfunction is believed to be the reason why the creation of this item isn taking so long. Along with usefulness, these two areas have been the primary sources of criticism as this trend grows more popular. Battery drain can be a persistent problem considering these products will be able to support a variety of functions such as automated alerts and web browsing.

4.The Watch Has Been Rumored For Months


Google bought WIMM labs in August 2013 fueling rumors that they’ll be working on their own watches. (The Verge)

Two months ago, Google acquired smartwatch maker WIMM Labs. Immediately, this ignited the fires of speculation since the company has been developing Android-based watches like this for years. Despite that, rumors were rampant at the beginning of the year after news broke regarding the creation of Google Glass.

5. Google Is Going To Own Wearable Tech In 2014


Google Glass and the smartwatch could combine into an effective package when they arrive in 2014. (Getty)

Samsung rushed their watch out into the market way to quickly which is why it was heavily criticized upon launch. With the development of Google Glass, the Silicon Valley giant will own this blossoming trend. Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted he was interested in exploring this area back in May and could be working on this project based on several hires of former fashion execs. Google may gain an edge over everyone by releasing the watch and glass together to demonstrate how they can quickly interface with each other. Samsung should be getting nervous right about now.

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