iOS 7 Tips: How to Improve Battery Life for iPads

The biggest criticism of iOS 7 is that it drains battery life for iPhones but what about iPads? The line of Apple tablets hold a large amount of memory and typically is used as a streaming source for movies and TV. Follow our steps for improving battery life for any iPad. These steps will ensure that your tablet retains its charge for a long period of time.

1. Turn Off Wi-Fi When Possible


The features that can be accessed through Wi-Fi may not always be needed so turn it off when possible. (Getty)

The tablet will search for an internet connection when possible so turn this feature off only when you don’t need it. If your just watching a movie or reading a book, there is no need for the Wi-Fi to be on. Yes, you won’t be able to access the internet and it will reduce your ability to access some other features but thats the upside to preserving power for a long trip. Occasions like this are when Airplane Mode can come in handy since it doesn’t just need to be used on planes.

2. Let The Battery Drain Once In Awhile



Something this simple can save users a lot of pain further down the road. In some cases, constant charging could actually HURT your iPad battery so give the tablet a steady drain at least once a month. Let the battery run out and charge it up from nothing. It keeps the battery healthy and sets a certain mark so that the iPad know where the lowest limit is.

3. The Case Can Cause Problems Too


Although the case may be durable, a covering with dense material has potential to collect a tremendous amount of heat. (Getty)

Certain materials found in protective covers can cause the iPad to heat up sometimes which can seriously erode the quality of the battery. The lithium element reacts to heat so take the tablet out of its case to charge. It’ll provide you with a small amount of power but not much. Also, charging the iPad while it still is in its shell can induce more damage since this process can cause more harm. Make sure you take the tablet out while booting up the battery.

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4. Manage Apps And Delete Ones You Don’t Need


Doubling up on apps that offer similar services can be a prime cause of battery drain. (Getty)

All of these tips are simple but important if you want to preserve power for your iPad. Apps can be one of the most obnoxious sources of battery drain since they require varying amounts of memory. The most important about this tip to remember is to make sure you delete apps you feel you don’t need and keep the ones you do. Although Netflix is important to have running on your tablet that may mean you don’t need HBO Go. Trim the fat and limit your apps to two pages MAX.

5. Lock The Screen And Dim The Lights


These simple steps will ensure your iPad runs for a long time after you buy it. (Getty)

Activate auto-lock to have a password-protected screen appear when you are not using your iPad. Having your screen wide open for all the world to see will incrementally chip away at your tablet so create a password. Also, lower the brightness unless you need the extra light to see every aspect on the screen. Turn it low through settings and that will conserve some power too. Any other ideas, leave them in the comments below.