Apple’s New iPad Air vs. iPad Mini 2: Which Should You Buy?


Apple unveiled a new iPad Mini with a retina display as well the iPad Air but which tablet should you buy? (Getty)

Yesterday, Apple announced two new iPads along with a slew of other products. The iPad Air is an ultra-thin tablet is essentially the iPhone 5s condensed into a new form. The iPad Mini 2 comes with a powerful new retina display and dozens of other refined features. The iPad Air will be coming to the Apple Store in November so which should you buy?

This is a tough one to decide. These tablets are very similar. The iPad Air is unique since it weighs only one pound! The weight and size is interesting since it offers an incredible level of comfort. Powered by the same A7 processor the iPhone 5s has, the gadget has the same level of speed as the new smartphone. The cost is about $499 which is reasonable for the qualities Apple has encased within the iPad.

It’s a little puzzling as to why Apple has made the iPad Mini 2 very similar to iPad Air. The second gen mini has a retina display boosting pixel resolution up to 2038×1536. It has an A7 chip as well but the Wi-Fi chip embedded in the product is impressive. Two antennas support internet access instead of just one like the previous model. The WiFi+Cellular model adds numerous LTE connections enabling access all over the world. The smart covers are a nice addition to these since are a perfect companion to help with battery & charge issues. The price for this will $399 with an unspecified release date next month.

I’d say the iPad Air wins this match. The lighter feel and toned-down look combined with the internal specs makes this become an excellent gadget to own. Apple didn’t seem to put too much effort into completely altering the new iPad Mini. The retina display could present a whole new set of issues for the company so the Air may be the only tablet you may be able to get your hands on. Pre-orders are not available for the iPad Air but it will be in the Apple store soon enough.

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