iOS 7 Bugs & Glitches: iPhone 5S Blue Screen of Death Error

iPhone 5s Blue Screen Of Death Bug!!!Wtf?? iOS 7 is going to need some major bug fixes before it can ever be called a stable release…2013-09-21T23:14:49.000Z

In the 1990’s, Microsoft PC’s were prone to a notorious glitch that caused the “blue screen of death“. This flaw caused computers to completely shut down. Now, Apple’s iPhone 5s has succumbed to this error.

Videos have been appearing online with owners suffering with this error. The issue starts because of a possible iOS 7 bug found in iWorks. This series of apps are responsible for supporting spreadsheets and other business tools.

iPhone 5s blue screen of death!There seems to be a bug with iOS 7.0.1. Open numbers app Screen print Close numbers app BLUE SCREEN!2013-09-20T17:41:48.000Z

In order to fix this error, The Verge recommends disabling iCloud syncing for these programs. This includes Pages, Keynotes and Number apps. Although this blue screen of death is concerning, phones do reboot and return to the main page without an issue. Shutting of iCloud sync may just be a temporary measure since more videos have popped up online. If you find other issues, send me an e-mail at

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