RUMOR: Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Launch January 2014


Could this be the Samsung Galaxy S5? (Naver)

New reports claim that the Samsung Galaxy S5 may arrive in January 2014 at CES, the consumer electronics trade show. The source of this information is Korean news site Naver which is run by former employees of the company.

If true, the next-gen galaxy gadget would arrive less than a year after the Galaxy S4 was launched back in March 2013. The earlier launch could be due to low sales figures so Samsung could hope to capitalize early in the new year.


Despite having a great financial quarter, Samsung considered the sales of the Galaxy S4 disappointing. (Getty)

Naver’s report also explains some features that could be found on the phone. A 64-bit Galaxy S5 chip could come in the device and equip it with a metal case while Apple has opted for plastic shells. A 16 mega-pixel camera could round out the rest of the package.

Ultimately, Samsung may choose to present this as a stand-alone event but already have a glut of gadgets on the market including the new smartwatch and set of Galaxy Notes. Also, the flexible Galaxy Round has yet to have a U.S. release so these maneuvers may be too aggressive for the company to conquer the smartphone market.