Best Black Friday Doorbusters: The 10 Best Deals For Your Money

These are the deals you’re looking for. It doesn’t get any better than doorbusters and these are the very best ones. Spanning Wal-Mart, Best-Buy, Target, and the Dell Home Store — these prices are plain crazy.

1. Target’s iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB – $479 (With $100 Target Gift Card)

It’s the hottest gift of the season and clocking in at an effective cost of $379, you just can’t beat it. This thing is going to fly off shelves, be sure to get to Target early if you want this for you and yours.


2. Wal-Mart’s 32″ 720P HDTV – $98

An LED HDTV at this price point is just insane. About a hundred buck-os for this much television, what more can you really ask? Oh I dunno, maybe a $40 Blu-Ray player. That’s an amazing media experience for what, $140 plus the price of a Blu-Ray or two? This is pretty much legal stealing.


3. Best Buy’s 24″ 1080P LED TV – $79.99

Not much to say here other than the fact that this is RIDICULOUS (even though slightly less so than number 2). Obviously Insignia isn’t the best display money can buy, but I have a 40 inch Insignia and the worst thing I can say about it is that the color is just a wee-bit washed out. Let’s focus on the fact that this is basically $80 for a 1080P screen! That’s plain wild. I don’t really need this, but I may be cutting you in line Thanksgiving night to get an early ticket for this puppy.


4. Wal-mart’s 15.6″ Laptop With Celeron Processor, 4GB Ram, Windows 8 – $177.99

This is downright stupid of Wal-mart. For less than $200 you can get a great machine. With that much ram and a decent processor, you’re looking at a computer you could use to edit video, and definitely play tons of quality games. This isn’t exactly a gaming rig, of course, but it’s also less expensive than an iPod Touch. With 4 gigs of ram, it’s going to be zippy too. This is a smashing deal.


5. Best Buy’s Free Samsung Galaxy S4 – FREE (With 2 Year Contract)

If you’re in the market for a new phone, this is a steal. The S4 is an awesome phone and is still considered to be among the best in Android’s line-up. Plus, at the low cost of free, it’s a knockout.


6. Dell Home Store’s Inspiron 660 with Monitor – $549

This is a TON of computer for that amount of money. With an i5 processor and 8gb of ram, this thing will be able to competently play most games and can be used for serious video editing/photoshop/anything you would want a computer to reasonable do. The monitor is HD as well. You really can’t beat this for a cheap desktop that is loaded with bang for your buck.


7. Wal-Mart’s TouchSmart Laptop 14″ 500GB HD, 4GB Ram – $278

This computer is like buying an iPad that is capable of so much more. With 500gb of hard drive, you can store plenty of movies, music, and applications. Plus, with the touch screen, you’ll be able to use it for anything you would use a tablet for. Truly, a great deal from Wally-World.


8. Best Buy’s 55″ 1080P LED TV – $499.99

A 55 inch TV for $500 is already on the great side of deals, but the fact that it’s LG is what really makes this something special. You’re going to get amazing picture quality, spot-on color, and a viewing experience that’s simply amazing. If you’re in the market for a big TV, I’ll see you in the line at Best Buy.


9. Target’s Nikon L-320 Camera Doorbuster – $99

This is a ton of camera for $99. 16 megapixel sensor? That’s hugely detail. The zoom is powerful, and it’s from a great brand. If you’re trying to snag a camera, even a back-up camera, this is an easy choice.


10. Target’s RCA 9″ Dual Screen Portable DVD Player – $99

Two screens, and a great way to keep the kids cool (or your friends in the backseat), this is just too cheap. Amazing.


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