Custom Twitter Timeline: How to Create and Embed Your Own Feed

You can now create and embed your own custom Timeline using Twitter’s Tweetdeck, here’s how, but there is one caveat: this feature is not available yet for all users so if you can’t find the “custom timelines” button, be patient as Twitter rolls out the new feature for all users.

Step 1: Log In to TweetDeck (available in the app store) and Hit the Plus or Add Column Button

add column

Step 2: Hit the Custom Timeline Button


Step 3: At the Menu, Hit “Create Custom Timeline


Step 4: Drag and Drop Tweets Into the Timeline

Simply grab tweets from your timeline and put them into the timeline. Alternatively, every tweet will have an icon in its lower right-hand corner that looks like directional arrows crossing, this will allow you to grab it and drag it into the custom timeline.

Step 5: Embed the Timeline by Selecting Embed (or Share It) from the Drop Down Menu


Voila! Happy tweeting via Custom Timeline!’s Popular Social Posts
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