The Top 5 Best iPhone 5c Cases

The iPhone 5c is a near perfect phone. Unfortunately, its owners seldom are, and we will drop it. Or, you might just be the type of person who likes their phone to stand out a bit. Here’s are the Top 5 Best iPhone 5c Cases.

1. Luvvitt Clearview – $15.95

The perfect case for a person seeking to accentuate the natural beauty of their iPhone 5c, but also add some protection. At about $16, this thing’s impossible to beat for that minimalist, tough functionality.


2. Luvvit Armor Shell – $14.95

If you’re looking for that good grip, dark cover, the armor is for you. Tough as it needs to be and fits like a glove. A tight case for those looking to keep their phone snugly in palm.


3. i-Blason Softgel – $8.98


4. Ringke Fusion – $10.99

This smooth gel case is grippy and pretty. It offers less protection than others, but it will still protect your phone from a non-insane drop scenario. Plus it maintains that lovely 5c brightness.


5. Spigen Crystal Clear – $8.99

Letting your iPhone 5c’s colors shine through, this is the Levitt’s inferior twin. We’d spend the extra $7 on the Lovvitt, but if you can’t this is the way to go.

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