The Top 5 People Getting Rich From the Twitter IPO

Twitter is officially a publicly traded company today but who will benefit the most from the IPO? These are the top five people you need to know. Keep in mind, these figures could change as the day goes on.

1. Evan Williams: 10.4% = $1.42 billion


Founder Evan Williams is the only one to break an even billion. Williams is in the center. (Getty)

The businessman started a system called Blogger that he sold to Google a few years ago. Although his time at Twitter’s CEO was tumultuous, he shouldn’t be complaining.

2. Jack Dorsey: 4.3% = $586 million


Dorsey served as the chairman of Twitter. (Getty)

The entrepreneur owns 4.3% of Twitter stock which makes his estimated value $586 million. He runs another startup called Square which is rumored for an IPO next year. However, this sum of money could be diluted after his exact role at Twitter was questioned.

3. Dick Costolo: 1.4% = $191.8 million


Costolo is the CEO and has been leading the charge on advertising initiatives. (Getty)

The current CEO and former comedian owns 1.4% of the stock which means his estimated value would be $191.8 million.

4. Biz Stone- ?


Biz Stone with his kids. (Getty)

Stone played an important role in the formation of Twitter yet no one seems to know how much stock he actually owned. Stone may have sold his shares which could be the reason behind this despite the fact that his name was found on the SEC Filing.

5. Peter Fenton: 5.8% = $789 million

Benchmark's Peter Fenton On What You Don't Understand About TwitterFor FORBES' Midas List coverage, we talk with Peter Fenton, partner at Benchmark Capital and Twitter investor and board member. Fenton talks about misconceptions about Twitter and how its ad products are performing. Part 2 of 22012-05-02T16:10:45.000Z

Fenton was part of the Benchmark Capital team which contributed an investment to the organization in 2009. Reading Hatching Twitter, he plays an influential role in ousting Ev Williams as the CEO and installing Dick Costolo. His estimated worth would be $789 million.

These are the top five people who expect to gain the most from the currently soaring stock. Based on the closing bell, these figures could change. The figures above are just current values. It may shift but we’ll keep track of it.

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