WATCH: Meet Microsoft’s New Mascot For Internet Explorer

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Microsoft has a new plan to attract users for their terrible internet service. Internet Explorer isn’t popular compared to services like Google Chrome. To do their best in changing the perception of Internet Explorer, Microsoft commissioned the mini-movie you see above.

Meet Inori Aizawa. The character’s falsified facebook page has over 17,000 likes where the company provided a clever bio for her. The biggest quote out of it is:

“I used to be a clumsy, slow and awkward girl.”

Trying to claim that it has improved, the campaign is a little creepy. Inori is supposed to appeal to “Otakus”. These are hard-core fanboys who love anime so this pitch could be taken a little too seriously. It’s tough to tell if this will take off or if anyone will actually go back to using Internet Explorer. This video is supposed to play at the annual Anime Festival in Asia so that’ll be the ultimate litmus test if this is a success.

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