Top 5 Best Earbuds for 2014


Earbuds are a sensible solution for those looking to have small high-fidelity audio without big, over-the-ear, phones. Here’s our Top 5 Picks for the Top 5 Best Earbuds for 2014.

1. Panasonic RPHJE120K – Dirt Cheap, Max Value, Great Bass & Decent Highs – $6.39


When it comes to bang for your buck, it doesn’t get better than these puppies. I have owned five of them over the years because I lose earbuds constantly. Ok, so here’s the deal, the bass is very decent if a bit a muddy, but it is definitely enough to hear the boomy 909 sounds in most pop music and that sort of thing. The highs are a bit drab, but still sufficient for most listening, and definitely suitable for the non-audiophile. Still, at this price, these are great to have as backups for those inevitable times when one WILL lose their audio gear!

2. Jlab J5 – Price Fidelity That Can Be Uncomfortable (But Sounds Amazing) – $51.57

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The J5s are the priciest on this list, but the value is very present. These headphones definitely have the best quality here boasting an awesome frequency response and unbelievable reviews (4.5/5 in 69 reviews on Amazon). While you’ll need to break them in, as is the case with most high quality audio equipment, these things really sound amazing after some consistent use, report most reviewers.

3. Pioneer SE-CL721-K – Best Mid-Range Value, Amazing Sound Quality, Great Price – $15.30

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COnsider these the Panasonic’s, but at double the price, BUT with good range for mids and highs. In other words, pay double the price for about 1/3 more sound. These things have solid bass and deliver on the high range. Very solid earbuds, and at 4.5 stars out of 5 with over 50 reviews, you’ll know you get what you pay for.

4. Sony MDR-EX210B – Sexy and High Quality at a Decent Price – $27.59

4 2.19.36 PM

4.5/5 stars in almost 300 reviews don’t lie: these buds are sexy and sound great. Reviewers report that they last long and endure horrific abuse, including sweat from running from over three months. Plus, let’s face it, these are easily the best looking buds in the list. Get them for their great sound and if you’re a bit a fashion conscious. Perfect.

5. Zipbuds ZBJ2BL – Gimmicky, Cool, & Tangle-Free With Great Sound – $24.99


Yep, by merit of their zipping designs, these amazing headphones simply don’t tangle. If you’re the OCD-type, that’s all you really need to know. Get them for their amazing cable strength, highly functional design, and dope sound quality. Very cool, and well, unique. Plus, they come in four different colors!

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