WATCH: Oculus Rift ‘Zero Point’ Virtual Reality Trailer

Forget IMAX. Forget 3D. The next big trend in movies is going to be 360 degree filmmaking (and in 3D, no less!) The trailer for “Zero Point” just dropped today, and it could change films forever.

“Zero Point” is a documentary about virtual reality that’s actually meant to be experienced through an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The film will take viewers through a variety of cool footage, including combat training simulations at the Department of Defense and research labs at Stanford.

You can check out the “Zero Point” trailer below.

Slate reports that “Zero Point” will run just 20 minutes, and will be released later this year.

Want to experience the trailer as if you were watching it through a VR headset? Head over to Wired, where there’s an identical version of the trailer embedded above, but with an on-screen control system that lets you use your mouse to simulate the experience of moving your head in a VR helmet while you watch.

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