New HTC One M8 vs. iPhone 6: What’s the Best Smartphone?

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The new HTC One (aka HTC M8, HTC One 2, HTC One+, HTC Two, and HTC One 2014) will debut on March 25. Is it going to be better than the rumored iPhone 6? There are lots of rumors flying about both devices. Which phone should you buy in 2014? Here’s everything we know so far about these two smartphones.

1. New HTC One vs. iPhone 6: Specs and Features

The Bloomberg video above has some iPhone 6 specs and rumors.

The latest news from CNET UK says that the new HTC One will have the following specs:

“…the new HTC One will have a 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip, front- and rear-facing 5-megapixel cameras, NFC, and HTC’s BoomSound speakers. The 5-inch screen will have a resolution of 1,920×1,080 pixels, it’ll run Android KitKat, and come with 32GB memory.”

In contrast, our iPhone 6 rumors post has the follow spec predictions: screen size between 4.7 and 5.7 inches, and screen resolution of at least 1136×640.

Trusted Reviews notes that there is some evidence the iPhone 6 will get an 8MP camera. It will likely run on an Apple A8 processor.

2. New HTC One vs. iPhone 6: Camera


We’ve already talked about sheer megapixels for both these phones in the specs section above. To recap, Apple is rumored to go with an 8MP rear camera on the iPhone 6 (and likely a smaller MP camera on the front), while HTC will opt for 5MP rear and front cameras.

However, megapixels aren’t the only determination of camera quality. Trusted Reviews notes that the iPhone 6 will offer optical image stabilisation.

That being said, HTC’s new phone also has some exciting camera features. PC Advisor writes that HTC’s new One phone will have two camera sensors. They explain:

“It’s unclear exactly how HTC is going to utilise two camera sensors, though. It could possibly mean Lytro-style post photo taking refocusing or maybe improved low-light performance…It has a dual-tone looking LED flash similar to that of the iPhone 5s.”

3. New HTC One vs. iPhone 6: Battery Life


It sounds like the iPhone 6 is going to have some unique solutions to battery life. The phone has been rumored to have a rapid-charge battery, a larger battery, and possibly even solar cells to capture energy when you can’t get to a charging station.

GottaBeMobile suggests that the new HTC phone will have a battery that is somewhere between 2,950 mAh and 3,300 mAh. As a basis for comparison, The iPhone 5s has a 1,560mAh battery. If the iPhone 6 doesn’t have a greatly improved battery, the HTC phone may beat it in terms of sheer size.

4. New HTC One vs. iPhone 6: Construction

HTC will be making their next phone out of aircraft-grade aluminum. The metal unibody construction was previously seen on the HTC One, but the new One will be even sleeker than its predecessor.

As for the screen construction, it seems likely that the new HTC One will use the same screen material as its predecessor: Gorilla Glass. As you can see in this review from PhoneArena, the HTC One actually had a slightly more durable screen than the iPhone 5 in a drop test.

However, the iPhone 6 is rumored to have an entire screen made of sapphire glass, which would be more damage-resistant than Gorilla glass. The iPhone 6 is also rumored to have a liquid metal body construction, according to Expert Reviews. This kind of construction would give the phone a big step up in durability.

5. New HTC One vs. iPhone 6: Conclusion


There are so many rumors floating around about both of these phones, and it’s hard to declare an official winner at this date. That being said, the iPhone 6 has some impressive durability and battery features. However, the HTC One Two may have a better quality camera and a larger screen. Both of these phones are likely to be critical darlings when they drop later this year.

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