New Samsung S Band Fitness Tracker: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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There are reports that Samsung is preparing to launch an updated version of their S Band fitness tracker. Here’s what we know about this upcoming device.

1. S Band Looks More Like a Watch Than a Wristband

SamMobile has uncovered what appear to be promotional images of the new Samsung S Band. As you can see in one of the leaked images above, the design of the tracker looks more like a watch than a wristband. The device can apparently be worn on the wrist, or clipped to one’s clothing.

2. Previous S Band Model Never Made It to Stores

The video above outlines the “battle for the wrist” between Samsung, Apple, and Nike.

The “S Band” product name has been used by Samsung before. Unfortunately, the last S Band device never hit store shelves, a move that still has some Samsung fans bummed out. Android Police explains why the old S Band never made it to market:

“The reasoning behind the no-show could have been a lack of consumer interest, new products in the pipeline, or that they simply weren’t very good. We’ll likely never know. But now the S Band is back, and it looks quite different from the version Samsung debuted a year ago.”

3. S Band Priced Below Samsung Gear Fit

The display on the Samsung S Band is very limited compared to the more glitzy Samsung Gear Fit pictured above. Therefore, publications like Business Insider are expecting the S Band to be priced quite a bit lower than the Gear Fit, which currently does not have a list price.

4. S Band Acts as Anti-Theft Device

The Soundcloud clip above outlines the role of fitness wristbands in the future of wearable tech.

SamMobile has reported that the new and improved S Band will also function as an anti-theft alarm. If your phone and your S Band are ever 10m apart, an alarm will sound to alert you. No more worrying about someone stealing your phone while you’re running at the gym or doing laps at the pool.

5. Samsung S Band Comes in 4 Colors

Business Insider notes that the S Band will come in four colors: orange, black, yellow, and white. It is possible that other colors might be available after launch, or from third party companies.