Personal Assistant App 24me Will Take Care of Things for You

It’s pretty well known that there’s no shortage of personal assistant apps for iPhone and iPad. iOS users can choose from a variety of apps including EasilyDo, Google Now, Wunderlist, and Todoist.

24me, however, provides iOS users with a personal assistant experience that integrates well with Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, and Outlook exchange, so that all of your calendars and tasks are collected into one place. You don’t have to switch between apps to complete a simple task, saving you time and making your life easier.

24me is easy to use. Simply log into your accounts and you will see all of your calendars and tasks in one place. You can even use your voice or add an image when adding new tasks. Other features include being able to set priorities, add recurring events, and share tasks and notes with friends and family members.

24me iphone app

With the most recent update, 24me added a new service called “Assistant for Everyone,” which offers different types of assistants, from finding someone to help clean the house, to delivering or picking up packages, and more. The update also provides a monthly view of your agenda, allows you to filter through your calendars, and you can make calls from a task note, all with a brand new design.

Gilad Hertanu, the CEO of 24me says, “We are constantly working on solving the pain around time management in real life. Since we believe that products should cater for people and people should not waste time on finding broken solutions, we took upon ourselves the mission to improve what’s missing in people’s life and save time. This new version improves the calendar experience, providing simple solutions to improve time management efficiency.”

You can download the new version of 24me Smart Personal Assistant from the App Store here.