WATCH: Satoshi Nakamoto Denies Creating Bitcoin

The Associated Press has released two videos on their YouTube page. In the videos, alleged Bitcoin creator denies having anything to do with the controversial cryptocurrency. In the video above, Nakamoto eats sushi while talking with AP reporters.

Going by his alternate name, Dorian S. Nakamoto, the alleged Bitcoin creator denies creating the Bitcoin currency. He says the wording of the Newsweek article was misleading.

“It sounded like I was involved before with Bitcoin…that’s not what I meant,” he says in the video.

In the second AP video below, there is an extended sequence from one of the scenes in the other video above. In this video, Nakamoto states: “I never communicated with Bitcoins,” and adds that he was unemployed during the time he was allegedly “working” for Bitcoin.

There is some doubt that this Satoshi Nakamoto is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. A recent report from Business Insider suggests that comments from the “real” Nakamoto have recently surfaced online, casting doubt over “Dorian S. Nakamoto.”

Do you think this guy really invented Bitcoin?

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I’m not sure that it really is created by Bitcoin. My opinion is that he just paid a small amount for it to be odstavnym face. Either he really created Bitcoin and he stole the idea. Either he was paid the money for the finished product. But he does not like the rich and happy man. Now many systems to create Bitcoins. That’s about Bitcoin calculator This is a very popular system of electronic money, and many are trying to copy …

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