• Three New Videos Shed Light on George Floyd’s Final Moments & Encounter With Minneapolis Police

    A new video of George Floyd's arrest has surfaced, as CBS news obtained footage from a nearby restaurant that shows Floyd being cuffed and led to the sidewalk, appearing to be compliant with police the entire time.

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    A Chicago woman, who had a concealed carry license, shot & killed an alleged would-be robber at a bus stop.

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    Video from the August 13, 2017 shooting of 19-year-old autistic teen Ricky Hayes has been released 14 months after the incident occurred.

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    A new video has surfaced showing actress Gwyneth Paltrow talking about her relationship with media mogul Harvey Weinstein on David Letterman on November 25, 1998.

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    A video has emerged showing Amber Elizabeth Hensley threatening a group of three Muslim women in a North Dakota Walmart parking lot.

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    An angry ex-wife took out her frustrations on her former husband while he sat in his SUV with their children. The video is in Spanish but was filmed in New Jersey.