WATCH: Behind the Scenes With Google’s Project Ara Phone

Phonebloks update – The team behind AraIn this video Phonebloks will show you the team behind project Ara. The next video we go to the Ara Developer Conference. Follow Phonebloks on: Follow project Ara on: projectara.com2014-04-03T08:20:40Z

Google is working on Project Ara, a new type of smartphone with a modular design. Google recently released the behind-the-scenes video above, which features a look at the phone and the people designing the Ara.

What makes Ara so unique is its modular construction. The Verge explains how Ara will work:

“We see an early version of what Motorola called Project Ara’s “endo” — its endoskeleton — into which modules are slotted into a silver frame and locked into place using magnets. Those magnets are electro-permanent, meaning phone components can be secured or unlocked with an app: a design decision that means Project Ara phones won’t need a covering or outer case.

Also shown off is an app that will enable people to plan a possible Project Ara phone ahead of purchase, and manufacturing partner 3D Systems’ early designs for the casing of Ara’s modules. The designs on show suggest users will eventually be able to customize their phones with textured effects, bright colors, or pictures of cats wearing goggles.”

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In the screenshot above, you can see an image of Project Ara being used as a Google employee’s desktop image.

As we previously reported, a Project Ara smartphone might cost as little as $50 when it launches. The phone is likely to launch in 2015.

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