Top 5 Cool & Funny Google Glass Videos

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Still on the fence about Google Glass? These awe-inspiring and hilarious videos showcase the best of life with Glass.

1. Google Glass Skydive

It’s an oldie but a goodie. The video above is a couple of years old, but it showcases what skydiving would be like with Google Glass. If you’re too chicken to try skydiving for real, this POV footage from a Google Glass wearer is the next best thing.

You can check out another cool Google Glass skydive in the video below.

2. Race Yourself App on Google Glass

Check out a cool video that will appeal to Google-loving fitness fanatics: a Glass service called Race Yourself. Featured on a number of popular blogs, the Race Yourself app for Glass challenges you to race a “ghost” of yourself in an attempt to beat your personal best run. This cool app has actually got some people excited about the somewhat awkward Glass set-up.

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3. Old People React to Glass

Check out the hilarious video above from the Fine Bros. It features a group of elderly men and women using Google Glass for the first time. The best thing is how more than one of the people in the video puts Glass on completely wrong.

4. Glass for Cyclists

The video above showcases a bike rider using Google Glass. The app being used is really cool, as it provides real-time data to the rider. Distance, speed, heart rate, and calories burned are all displayed. This app is seriously cool for cycling fans.

5. Life With Glass

The video above is part of Engadget’s series of videos on “living with Google Glass.” For anyone who is wondering how life would be different with Glass as a constant tech accessory, this video series is really interesting.

You can get Engadget’s full rundown of life with Google Glass right here.