Chameleon-Powered iPhone 6 Case: An April Fools Day Hoax?

Kameleon Kloak: The First Chameleon-Powered iPhone 6 CaseThis April, we are unleashing the power of the chameleon. Introducing Kameleon Kloak from Moshi – a case so smart, it adapts to you. Find out more at April Fools! —- Special thanks to Hotel Rex and East Bay Vivarium for their support!2015-03-31T23:02:53.000Z

Over the years, we’ve seen lots of weird and unusual iPhone cases, from iPhone 6 cases that will light your cigarette to iPhone cases with built-in pepper spray to iPhone cases that smell like grape jelly beans. But one of the weirdest cases we’ve seen is this “chameleon-powered” iPhone 6 case from Moshi. You can learn all about this new iPhone case in the video above. Moshi claims their new Kameleon Kloak case can blend into its surroundings, just like a chameleon.

april fools day


The question on everyone’s mind is simple: Is this iPhone 6 case real, or an April Fool’s Day prank? Sorry to disappoint you iPhone 6 owners who wanted a case that could magically blend in with your surroundings, but this high tech case is definitely a hoax. Here’s what Moshi had to say in their press release:

While the Kameleon Kloak is (unfortunately) not a real Moshi product, the science behind the chameleon’s color change is very real. The Nature Communications paper is a real paper published by a team from the University of Geneva on March 10, 2015. Engineers at the University of California at Berkeley also recently created a synthetic chameleon-like material that involves etching rows of ridges onto a thin layer of silicone to reflect a specific wavelength of light. The material would change color depending on how it was flexed and bent.

So who knows? Maybe by this time next year, someone will have perfected the technology that makes a real “chameleon” iPhone case.

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