M:Tech Micro Drone Announced, Measures Just 4cm x 4cm

M:Tech has announced a brand new micro drone that measures just 4cm x 4cm around the base and is just 2.4cm tall.

The M:Tech Micro Drone is expected to ship in the next few days, and is quite an impressive little RC drone. Its size is obviously the most notable aspect, but it’s also very agile and easy to fly. In fact, the drone can perform flips and 360 degree spins, and it can be launched from the ground or by throwing it up in the air from the palm of your hand.

Surprisingly for its size, M:Tech’s new micro drone not only works indoors but also outdoors as well, and is durable enough to take a fall. It takes about 30-40 minutes to charge via USB, and flight time is about 7-8 minutes.

“We are all very excited here to be producing this Micro Drone featuring cutting edge Omni channel controls. We believe this will greatly improve the user experience and that this new product line will be accessible to a great many people, whether they are drone experts or beginners,” stated Operations Director at Menkind Gary Wakeman.

The M:Tech Micro Drone can soon be purchased at Menkind stores (or online) in the UK for 29.99 EUR (roughly $47).

For more on the latest drones, stay tuned to Heavy.com’s Tech section.

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