iRobot vs. Neato: Which Is the Best Robot Vacuum?

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iRobot and Neato are both well-respected brand names in the robot vacuum cleaner world. If you’re in the market for a new robot vacuum cleaner, you’ll want to take a close look at the models from each brand. There’s a selection of more affordable products and pricier ones, depending on your budget and cleaning demands. The top tier models from both brands (Neato Botvac 85 and iRobot Roomba 880) are especially designed for households with pets or people who have allergies (or both). Here’s a breakdown of what each brand has to offer.If you’re a huge Neato fan and want the latest and greatest model, it might be worth checking out the Neato Botvac D Series, which hit the market in July. You can now order the D80 and D75 models.

1. iRobot vs. Neato: Robot Vacuum Performance

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If you’re thinking about buying a robot vacuum cleaner, you’ll want to make sure its performance matches the often steep price tag. The pricier models typically offer a bit more performance and power than more budget-friendly models. Both the iRobot and Neato robot vacuum cleaners are some of the top performing robot vacuums on the market. For starters, they offer exceptional power along with larger dust bins and performance-oriented filters. Both brands have a range of models to choose from, including budget-friendly models that perform very well and higher-end models with the latest and greatest performance features and technology. In addition, both brands have vacuums that work well on just about any floor surface. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect in terms of performance.

The iRobot Roomba 800 series, which includes the top-of-the-line iRobot Roomba 880, uses an innovative AeroForce system, which combines different technologies for maximum results. The system includes two counter-rotating extractors that grip and break down debris, and airflow accelerator that sucks in debris through a sealed channel with a concentrated airflow. It also features a high-efficiency vacuum with improved air power. The 700 series is equipped with an allergy-friendly HEPA filter and efficient room-to-room navigation. Every model comes standard with sensors that detect particularly dirty areas and navigation technology that helps the vacuum find its way around any room and thoroughly clean every inch of the floor.

The Neato robot vacuum lineup also offers plenty of power. Each model has a unique U-shaped design that can navigate corners and clean crevices with ease. In addition, each model comes with a combo brush that is specifically designed to pick up pet hair. The Botvac series also has a side brush, which sweeps up even the smallest dirt and dust particles as the vacuum makes its way around the room. Some models, including the Botvac 85 and the Botvac 80, have extra large filters and larger dirt bins.

2. iRobot vs. Neato: Robot Vacuum Features

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Features are another important consideration for many consumers. Both the iRobot and Neato robot vacuums are packed with features. For example, the iRobot Roomba series is equipped with numerous convenience features. It uses a virtual wall technology that emits an infrared beam that acts as a barrier — which the vacuum will not cross. This technology helps the Roomba vacuums avoid off-limit areas, whether it’s a table, couch, or even an entire room. Certain models are also equipped with specific technology that keeps them in one room until it’s completely done, at which point the vacuum heads off to the next room. The Roombas are also ready for quick clean-ups thanks to a spot clean mode, which rapidly picks up concentrated areas of dirt and debris. Each Roomba series model automatically recharges when needed and will let you schedule automatic cleanings.

The Neato lineup comes with LaserSmart technology that allows the robot to methodically map out and plan its cleaning pattern for each room before it even begins. Both the XV series and the Botvac series are equipped with spot clean, which offers a fast cleanup solution for dirty spots on the floor. There’s an auto recharge and resume feature that makes it easy for the vacuum to return to its charging base then pick up where it left off once it’s sufficiently powered. Other features include convenient automatic cleanup scheduling along with boundary markers to keep the vacuums out of spaces you don’t want them to clean.

3. iRobot vs. Neato: Robot Vacuum Design

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The U-shaped Neato is specifically designed to reach in corners and along floor edges. It can also get those pesky crevices and cracks that seem to accumulate dust and dirt at an alarmingly fast rate. A large part of this precise pickup is due to the vacuum’s unique shape. Unlike many other robot vacuums on the market today, the Neato has a convenient shape that enables it to get into tight spaces. The Neato Botvac 80 and 85 also come with a side brush to successfully sweep every last bit off the floor. This line of vacuums also has a low profile design, which makes cleaning under beds and other tough-to-reach-spaces much simpler. According to the official Neato Robotics website, the Neato cleans within 10mm of corners and walls, in comparison to the round robot vacuums, which clean within 98mm of walls and corners. The Neato’s shape allows for a handy front-brush design and storage space for a larger dirt bin. In comparison, the brushes for round vacuum cleaners are stored in the center between the wheels.

When it comes to style, many consumers agree that the iRobot has the upper edge. In fact, the Roomba 880 received the Red Dot Product Design award for excellence and innovation in 2014. Unlike the Neato line, the iRobot vacuums are circular in shape. The result is a smaller and less cumbersome vacuum. However, many customers note that the circular shape prevents the iRobot vacuums from reaching those ever-so-difficult spaces around the house, such as corners and crevices, that tend to collect mounds of dust. While the iRobot lineup boasts clever technology and powerful suction, it tends to miss tough spaces that the Neato robot vacuums can easily reach.

4. iRobot vs. Neato: Robot Vacuum Price

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Both brands offer pricier models and more budget-friendly ones. Neato’s highest-priced robot vacuum cleaner is the Botvac 85, which has a suggested retail price of $599. The priciest iRobot Roomba, the iRobot Roomba 880, features a retail price of $594.99. If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly Neato, your best bet is the XV Essential, which sells for $349. The most affordable iRobot Roomba vacuum on the market right now is the iRobot Roomba 650, for $399.99. There’s a wide selection of Neato and iRobot vacuums inbetween the priciest and least expensive models. For example, you can choose from the other Neato Botvac series, including the Botvac 80, Botvac 75, and Botvac 70e. Then there’s the more budget-friendly Neato XV lineup. The highest-end XV model is the Neato XV Signature Pro, which has a retail price of $429. There aren’t quite as many options in the iRobot lineup, but you can still find something that suits your needs (and that won’t break the bank). The next available iRobot Roomba after the iRobot Roomba 880 is the iRobot Roomba 870, followed by the iRobot Roomba 770.

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