Neato Botvac D80 vs. D75: Which is the Best Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

neato d80, neato d75

Two outstanding new Neato robot vacuum cleaners have hit the market for 2015. While the newest Botvacs aren’t a complete overhaul from the existing lineup, they do have some important new features and characteristics. For example, the D75 stands out for its black dustbin and larger than ever brush, which picks up more dirt and debris. On the other hand, the D80 is equipped with an innovative new combo brush that works exceptionally well in households with pets. The same brush is supposed to be quieter on harder floor surfaces, such as tile and hardwood. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from the latest Neato Botvacs.

1. Neato Botvac D80 vs. D75: Performance

neato botvac d80, botvac d80, neato robot vacuum

Both vacuums use patented laser-guided technology to help navigate around the room. This technology assists the vacuums in planning out and mapping a successful cleaning pattern for rooms of all shapes and sizes. As with other Neato Botvacs, both of these models have a precise edge cleaning brush to help clean up more debris and dirt, even in harder-to-reach spaces. There is one feature that sets these two robot vacs apart — a combo brush. The D80 features a combo brush that specifically helps to pick up pet hair. It also promises a surprisingly quiet operation, particularly on wood and tile surfaces.

2. Neato Botvac D80 vs. D75: Features

Neato Botvac D75, botvac d75, neato botvac

In terms of features, the new Neato vacuum cleaners are nearly identical. For example, both come with an integrated charge base that they return to when a recharge is required, then return to the spot where they left off. The vacuums are also equipped with a handy spiral blade brush that sweeps up even the most stubborn bits of dirt, dust, and debris, particularly in corners and around furniture. Other features include a standard filter, side brush, and boundary markers to keep the vacs out of certain areas if you desire. There is also a brush and filter cleaning tool for each model. The D80 is equipped with a combo brush for exceptional cleaning along with a high performance filter — an ideal setup for anyone with allergies or pets.

3. Neato Botvac D80 vs. D75: Updates and Upgrades

neato botvac d80, botvac d80, neato botvac

There are plenty of similarities between the new Neatos and the existing lineup. For example, the D75 and D80 feature a super-accurate laser-guided technology that gives them a precise look at exactly what the room is like, and the most optimal cleaning path, before they even begin to clean. Both vacuums have a bit more than the previous Neato Botvacs, including a larger brush and a bigger dirt bin. You can choose to schedule daily cleanings or spot cleanings as well as multi-room cleaning sessions. Not only do the newest Neatos automatically return to their charging bases when their batteries are low, but they also then go back to the point where they left off. Unlike the D80, the D75 has a largely white top, as opposed to the all-black D80. However, the D75 sports a black dustbin to distinguish it from similarly styled prior Neato models.

4. Neato Botvac D80 vs. D75: Price

neato botvac d75, neato d75, neato botvac, neato, robot vacuum

The Botvac D80 has a suggested retail price of $549, while the D75 has a price tag of $499. These prices are in line with what you might expect from competing models. While the newest Neatos have some never-before-seen styling and features in a Neato, from an all-black exterior to a smart new brush system that is supposed to be quieter on harder floor surfaces, it’s superior performance and power among both models that really justifies the price tag. The U-shaped Neatos come with handy new side brushes that really get into corners and crevices. The Botvacs also pick up right where they left off after heading home to recharge. If you’re having trouble deciding between the two models, keep in mind that while the D75 excels in everyday situations, the D80 is made specifically for households with pets.

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