iPhone 6C Rumors: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Rumors of a cheaper iPhone 6C have been swirling around since May, but it looks like the tech world may actually have a release date.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The iPhone 6S is Set to Release in September

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Apple usually saves big phone releases until September. That gives people enough time to get ready for holiday season. Originally it was thought the 6C would be revealed at the same time as the 6S, like with the 5C and 5S. However, all talk of the 6C stopped and it seemed the tech giant was just going to focus on the S.

2. Apple May Have Accidentally Leaked Photos of the 6C on Their Website


After the buzz of not getting a 6C calmed down, a strange photo appeared on the Apple website. It looked like a row of phones with the plastic backs like the 5C, however it featured a Touch ID sensor, which the 5C doesn’t offer.

3. The Photo Was Taken Down

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Shortly after the buzz about the photo started, it was removed. From what we could tell, the phone will be about 4 in. and have a plastic back and Touch ID sensor.

4. Potential Release Date Revealed

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This week, The China Times said the company is indeed working on a 4 in. model to be released in November just after the 6S. Apple hasn’t commented on any of this and nothing has been confirmed, but the rumors are circulating.

5. We Don’t Know a Price

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The China Times article did say the phone is expected to be cheaper, but there is no information on just how much it will eventually cost. We’ll all have to see what happens in November, and hold onto the 6S until then.

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