iPhone 7: The Videos You Need to See

iPhone 7 video, iPhone 7 wraparound screen

This iPhone 7 concept design features a beautiful wraparound screen. (YouTube)

Although the iPhone 6s is launching this week, rumors are already circulating about the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 is not expected until 2016/2017, but it’s already concept season for designers around the world. The following are a number of concept videos that will open your imagination to all the possibilities that the iPhone 7 will bring. The designs are based on patents and rumors that have been circulating. Which design is your favorite?

1. The iPhone 7 May Feature a Wraparound Screen

iPhone 11 – Innovative ScreeniPhone 12 Flip IS HERE!!! With FlipOS 14: youtu.be/NaQ-Nxs_HuA For more amazing videos SUBSCRIBE NOW!! youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=conceptsiphone *TURN ON NOTIFICATION AND NEVER MISS ANY OF OUR VIDEOS* **SOON!! A LOT OF GIVEAWAYS!!** CiP Instagram: instagram.com/conceptsiphone/ The next iPhone need to be innovative and the main part is the screen! new amazing concept shows the next generation…2013-12-06T10:22:13Z

The video above, created by Ran Avni, features a 4.9-inch full HD sapphire screen with an absolutely gorgeous wraparound display. The idea includes a 13 MP rear camera, a battery with light indicator, and two screens. The comments on the YouTube video are mostly appreciative, with people loving the screen idea and hoping the new phone will include these features. One commenter did mention that the design ended up being very similar to the Galaxy S’s wraparound screen.

2. This Video Shows Multiple Colors & an Edge-to-Edge Screen

Official iPhone 7 Concept 2015New iPhone 7 2016 Trailer video: youtube.com/watch?v=QlZ77iLbFGo New incredible iPhone 7 concept inspired from MacBook by SCAVIDS (Sahanan Yogarasa) in collaboration with ConceptsiPhone. iPhone 7 with 8MP front camera, 16MP rear camera, 4k video capture with optical stabilization, and with 5.5 inch display without bezel. Part 2 of the concept: youtube.com/watch?v=5Aof3hwgP6w So, what do you…2015-06-28T13:08:52Z

This next video, created by Sahanan Yogarasa in collaboration with ConceptsiPhone, envisions a phone with an edge-to-edge screen. The designer also imagines the phone would come in more colors, including bright blue and yellow. This phone would have an 8MP front camera and a 16MP rear camera and 4K video capture.

3. The Phone Might Feature a Wireless Dock

iPhone 7 : Concept for 2016Introducing the most advanced iPhone yet. Apple iPhone 7 features metal frame, smooth sapphire glass and inbuilt wireless charging capability. Concept designed and rendered by Ivo Marić and Tomislav Rastovac. Follow me on instagram (Ivo Marić): instagram.com/beespline/ Buy iPhone 6 on: goo.gl/D27CDA For more visit our website gdgtcompare.com/news/iphone-7-concept VIDEO GEAR WE USE: Canon 5D Mark…2015-07-21T21:13:50Z

The video above, created by designers Ivo Marić and Tomislav Rastovac, imagines the phone would have a wireless dock to charge from called the Apple Dock. The iPhone 7 would also feature a metal frame, 2.5D sapphire glass, QHD retina display, the new Apple A10 chip, and a 16MP camera.

4. The iPhone 7 Could Be Sleek With a Force Touch Display

iPhone 7 Official Video (Concept 2016)Introducing the new incredible Apple iPhone 7, elegantly engineered to accommodate an idea for the competitive tech market. This amazing iPhone 7 concept is designed by me (AGXHQ). The Apple iPhone 7 features remarkable new features: a new force touch display, dynamic home button featuring improved touch ID, improved battery life, heart rate monitor, dual…2015-08-21T19:39:31Z

AG created this video that features a sleek, stylish iPhone 7 with force touch display, a dynamic home button with an improved touch ID, a heart rate monitor, dual stereo and bass speakers, and a new eight-element lens that allows for 4K video recording. The video concept also includes a physical camera button for instant pictures, wireless charging, and a waterproof exterior.

5. This Video Imagines the Core Design Remains the Same but With a Larger Screen & a Dual-Lens Camera

iPhone 7 Concept Renderings & Designs by Martin Hajek – No Commentary-VersionEnjoy the iPhone 7 as imagined by Martin Hajek.2015-05-07T10:28:35Z

The last concept video, created by Martin Hajek with ComputerBild, imagines the iPhone 7 will keep its core design, but feature a larger screen with slimmed-down bezels. The phone would also feature a dual-lens camera and force touch technology that puts an end to the home button. The phone might also have enhanced security features and a revamped Siri, ValueWalk reported. 

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