Facebook Launches ‘Marketplace,’ Immediately Used for Drugs & ‘Adult Services’

Facebook has launched a new feature called Marketplace, where users can buy and sell items. The feature is comparable to Craigslist, wherein users can buy or put items up for sale in their surrounding area.

According to Facebook, Marketplace will only be rolling out to users over 18, and will only be available in four countries (The US, the UK, New Zealand and Australia) for now. Marketplace will become available to users on the iOS and Android apps in the coming days, but Facebook says the desktop version will be available in the next few months.

Misuse began as soon as the feature was released. Users have been seen buying and selling animals, drugs, food and “adult servicecs,” according to Business Insider. The site found that in Brooklyn, N.Y., items like baby hedgehogs, tamales, scantily-clad people, and marijuana have all been spotted in Marketplace.


Facebook’s Commerce Policy expressly prohibits all of these items. A Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider that the site will be relying on its employees to proactively police Marketplace content and flag inappropriate listings.