Why You Should Care About Google’s Daydream VR

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Google’s Daydream VR now has an official headset and remote. Google has also started joining forces with companies like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu to bring 360-degree VR to users. (Google)

Clay Bavor, VP of Virtual Reality at Google, introduced Daydream View at Google’s October 4th event: a Google Daydream-ready VR headset. Google wanted to make the headset customizable, easy to use, and comfortable, said Bavor. The headset is crafted with fabric and soft microfiber, and Google worked with clothing designers to make the headset as comfortable as possible. It’s also lightweight, at 30% lighter than other headsets, according to Bavor.

The VR headset also includes a controller that responds to how you move. Users can point, aim or even draw with the remote. The headset comes in slate, snow and crimson, and can be used with any compatible phone.

Adrienne McCallister, Google’s Director of VR/AR Business Development, introduced Daydream VR and announced that the company will be bringing an exclusive Virtual Reality Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them experience to Daydream. The user becomes a wizard, and the controller transforms into a wand.

McCallister is also working on educational uses for Daydream, and the company has been working with Star Chart to allow users to learn more about space.

Google has also been working with Netlix and Hulu to make video more accessible to VR headsets, and users can tour the world in VR using Maps. YouTube will also connect to Daydream, where 360-degree video will make VR more real than ever. There are hundreds of thousands of VR-ready videos on YouTube, according to McCallister.

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