Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program: How it Works for the New iPhone X & 8


Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program is a popular way to pay for new iPhones and not leave such a huge dent in your bank account right away. It also lets you upgrade your phone without staying tied to the same carrier. But exactly how does it work and how can you use it to buy the new iPhones?

Here are the details that we know so far, based on what Apple has released and how the program has been working so far.

If you’re using the Apple Upgrade program, there are several ways you can use it to get a new iPhone:

Order your phone online:

  • Upgrade online or through the Apple Store app.
  • Choose to either have the new iPhone shipped to your home or pick it up in the store.
  • If you’re picking up your phone, you may need to make a reservation at the Apple store.
  • If you have the phone mailed to you, you’ll also receive a Trade-in Kit so you can mail your old iPhone back to Apple.
  • [If you’re using T-Mobile, it looks like you’ll need to reserve at a store, not online.]

Order your phone at the store:

  • Visit an Apple store.
  • Make sure the data on your old iPhone is backed up.
  • Work with a specialist to trade in your old phone for a new one.

If you’re trading in your phone, make sure your old phone can power on, hold a charge, has no breaks or cracks, and has a working display. Otherwise you’ll need to get your phone fixed with AppleCare+ before you can trade it in.

If you’re already part of the upgrade program, you’re eligible for a new phone any time after six months, as long as you’ve made 12 payments on the phone. You can check here to see your upgrade eligibility.

Here are some other points about the Apple Upgrade program that might be helpful to you:

  • Yes, as explained above, you’ll be able to preorder the new iPhone with the Apple Upgrade program, either online or in-store.
  • Yes, your credit will likely get a hard check when you preorder, because you’re basically getting a new line of credit for the new phone. There’s no specific credit score that you’ll need to know you’ll get approved. You’ll find out if you’re approved after you try to apply.
  • You’ll need a credit card for making payments.
  • After you’ve paid on your old phone for 12 payments and turn it in, you won’t continue getting bills for your old phone and your new phone. (Whether or not you finished paying off your old phone.)
  • The upgrade program has 0 percent APR and includes AppleCare+. ]
  • If you haven’t made the equivalent of 12 payments, you’ll have to catch up on those if you want to pre-order a phone early.

Remember, preorders for the iPhone 8 begin this week on September 15. But preorders for the iPhone X don’t begin until October 27.

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