Google Clips: Price, Release Date & More

Designed with parents and pet owners in mind, Google Clips is a hands-free mini camera that has all you can expect from a good camera. It has a shutter button and a great lens.

The camera instantly takes photos for you in moments when you may not want to be behind a camera. The product video shown at the Google event today showed clipping the camera onto a flour bag while baking to get good pictures and simply placing it somewhere in your home where it will capture moments with loved ones.

Clips sells for $249. Google did not announce a release date at their event but said the product would be coming soon. You can join the waitlist for the product here.

With Google Artificial Intelligence, Google Clips captures smiles and tricks. It also learns over time when to take a picture based on your preferences. The camera looks for stable, clear shots of people you know. All the machine learning happens on the device itself: every picture the device takes stays on the device itself until you decide you want to keep it.

Clips is a hands-free camera that allows you to attach the product to anything or set it down somewhere and turn it on. It’ll take pictures for you and you can choose which ones to keep later by scrolling through the images on the product and swiping images to keep and images to get rid of. This is a feature to comfort users that are worried about security and privacy. The product does not automatically upload pictures to any device.

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