Google Pixelbook: Price, Release Date & More


Google announced the Pixelbook, a new 2-in-one laptop today at their Google Pixel event today. The 2-in-one laptop appeared alongside other announcements like Google’s Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL and the Google Home Mini and Max. CEO Sundar Pichai began the event by expressing sympathy for all of the people that have been affected by the hurricane season and the Las Vegas Strip Shooting.

Google designed the product to be all you need in one place. It’s supposed to be a laptop experience while also offering anything that you might need from a smartphone or tablet.

Though some of the specs of the computer leaked before the event, we now know everything we need to know about the device. The device will be available for preorder today, and the device will be in stores starting on October 31.

The Pixelbook Pen costs $99.

Price Starts at $999
Display 12.3-inch diagonal display
Processor  Intel Core i5 & i7
Battery Life  Up to 10 hours
Operating System Chrome OS
Ram Up to 16GB

The laptop automatically connects to your phone’s network with what google calls “Instant Tethering.”

The laptop also connects to Google Assistant, which you can interact with using your voice or by typing your request. The device also supports Google Play, so any app that is available on your phone will be available on the Pixelbook. Google is partnering with Snapchat in particular to create an app optimized for the bigger screen.

The Pixelbook is also launching with the “Pixelbook Pen,” which you can use to indicate that you want more information about something from the Google Assistant.

Board member Rick Osterloh said at the event that smartphones are reaching parody on the specs, meaning that all smartphones released will have similar specs. He said that Google will be focusing on AI improvements rather than the actual software in the product. Osterloh also mentioned that Google wasn’t first to many of their products, including search and Gmail, but instead focused on how to make the best tech designed for the users.

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