Kate Greer, Jack Dorsey’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kate Greer

Getty Kate Greer and Jack Dorsey pose together at the TIME 100 Gala in New York City

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s on-again off-again girlfriend, Kate Greer, has been appearing in the news alongside Dorsey since early 2013. Dorsey said that Twitter and Square are his main relationships, but that doesn’t stop the duo from appearing together every now and then.

Greer recently co-founded a handmade popcorn business called Cheerie Lane Popcorn. She also keeps a travel journal on chezconversations.com.

You can follow Greer on Instagram here.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Greer has Been Spotted With Dorsey on and off Since 2013

Jack Dorsey Kate Greer

Greer and Dorsey walk together on a lunch break in 2013

Greer and Dorsey have reportedly been dating since June 2013. The couple was first spotted together in 2010, but they reportedly split not long after. In early 2013, Greer posted videos of her and Dorsey cuddling together on a vacation in Japan after he split from his previous girlfriend, Lily Cole.

Greer has posted many photos of the couple together on her Instagram since then.

Their relationship has been mostly private on both sides. Neither Greer nor Dorsey have made many comments on their status.

2. She Co-Founded a Homegrown Popcorn Company

Greer’s family owns a 5-generation farm in Iowa where they grow corn, which inspired her to create a family run homegrown popcorn business. The company, Cheerie Lane Popcorn, is named after the family farm.

Greer founded the company alongside her cousin, Brad Schulte. They now sell unpopped kernels by the bag on their website, promising the best stove-popped popcorn.

Cheerie Lane uses non-GMO ingredients. The company was founded in May 2015. The last post on the company’s Instagram was in 2016 and the last post on Twitter was in March 2016, so it is unclear whether the company is still growing. The website remains active.

3. She’s Part of an art Collective Called Chez Conversations

Greer is one of the five women in The New York based female arts collective Chez Conversations. She creates art alongside Cleo Wade, Liza Voloshin, Margot, and Mia Moretti. The art is based on travel, politics and anything else that the women find important.

During a recent senate election season, Greer partnered with the other women in the collective to create “A Tiny Political Zine,” a collection where they outlined the political views of four women running for the United States senate.

Greer posts travel journals on the Chez Conversations website in the forms of watercolor paintings. She also conducts research, takes photos and writes alongside the other women in the group.

4. She was Born and Raised in Iowa

Greer was born in Marshalltown, Iowa on March 18, 1985. Since she moved to New York City and later the California Bay area, she calls herself a small-town girl turned urbanite. Dorsey recently posted an image of a plaque reading “Made in Iowa” on his Twitter, to which Greer responded with “Like many wonderful things” and an accompanying Iowa gif.

Greer has expressed interest in doing a photographic study of small-town America. She said most people from New York City do not understand what really goes on in a small town.

“A lot of us today across America have the exact same recipe for satisfaction,” Greer said in an interview with Alive, “We could all be better connected in our country if we understood what happens in other parts of it.”

5. She Shares a Love for Fitness With Dorsey

Dorsey is a emphasizes the importance of fitness, practicing a workout routine every morning, so it’s no surprise that his significant other would share a passion for staying fit.

In her interview with Guest of a Guest, Greer said that her first job was cross country, which she continued throughout her university career at the University of Missouri. She earned All Midwest and All Big-12 Honors her senior year.

Greer said in an interview that she prefers to run or bike places in lieu of taking an Uber or taxi. She also said that in her free time she goes for runs or practices Kundalini yoga, a type of yoga that blends movements with breathing techniques.