5 Best Wifi Amplifiers: Your Buyer’s Guide

When your wireless router doesn’t reach everywhere you need it to, there are only a couple different methods for improving signal strength.

You can get better signal distribution by upgrading or relocating your router. You can bridge it with a second router or simply hardwire your most important devices with ethernet. Yet the simplest solution by far is to use a WiFi amplifier.

WiFi signal boosters are inexpensive, can take up no less space than a Glade plugin, and are usually all you need to fill out a couple of dead zones in your house.

If you have a budget Internet plan and only need to support speeds under 300 Mbps, then a no-frills WiFi amplifier will get the job done no problem. If, however, you are on a Gigabit internet plan, you may want to instead choose from among the best AC WiFi Boosters.

If you are looking for a wireless extender to boost your router’s performance without breaking the bank, then read on below to browse our picks.

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