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5 Best Cyber Monday Microphone Deals on Amazon

Whether you’re an online content maker or an aspiring recording artist, you need a good microphone, and Cyber Monday is the perfect time to get one. These are the best Cyber Monday microphone deals available right now, with constant updates as new deals become available.

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What is the Best Microphone for Streaming and Recording Videos?

The best microphone for streaming and recording videos is the Blue Yeti. It records fantastic audio, has flexible pickup patterns that you can use for different types of recording, and is extraordinarily easy to use. Plus, it's heavily discounted right now and you even get a free copy of Assassin's Creed Odyssey on PC. 

If the Yeti is slightly outside of your budget, then the Yeti Nano, Samson Meteor Mic, and Blue Snowball iCE are also solid options. 

What are Polarity/Pickup Patterns?

A polarity or a pickup pattern describes how sensitive the microphone is to sounds from different directions. The most common pattern in the above microphones, for example, is cardioid, which looks a little bit like a heart. 

Cardioid microphones are most sensitive to sounds coming from directly in front of the microphone and least sensitive to sounds behind it. This is great for vocal recording, as it creates a very focused sound on a singer or speaker.

Other useful polarity patterns include omnidirectional, which as the name suggests, picks up sounds from all directions, and stereo, which has two mics recording separate audio for the left and right channels. 

What is a USB Microphone?

A USB microphone is a microphone that you can plug directly into your computer via a USB port. USB microphones are awesome for computer users because they do not require the use of an audio interface, which most other types of microphones require. 

What is the Best Microphone for iPhone?

The best and only microphone for iPhone on sale this Cyber Monday is the Shure MV5, which is Apple MFi Certified to work with any iOS device without the need for any external adapters or connectors. 

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